Prepaid Metering System

General Application

MES Application

Prepayment Metering – Concept For Private Party

MES Requirements List

  • In case of meter fault electricity will cut to avoid future dispute and money loss.
  • Load limiting should be done.
  • MES Will get Reading online.
  • Online Monthly Reading .
  • Smart App.
  • Meter fault Update .
  • Customized tariff Rate can be set for different user group JCO ,OFFICER Etc.
  • Deduct Recharge according to Tariff slab.

Our Meter Serves All

  • On Failure meter Cut out Going Supply
  • Load Limiting
  • Give Online Monthly Reading
  • Monitored Through Smart Android App
  • Flexible tariff Capability
  • Support Slab tariff

Prepayment Concept & Benefits


  • Convenience
  • Budgeting
  • Awareness
  • Reduced use
  • Disputes avoided


  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced overheads
  • Better load management
  • Reduced AT&C loss
  • Reduced theft
  • Commercial loss
  • Technical loss

Prepayment Metering System Comprises

Electricity Prepayment Meter

Single Phase
Three Phase
Home Display Unit

Vending Infrastructure

Vending Software
Token Printer
Internet Connection

Features of Prepayment – Self Billing System

Authenticated Billing Code (ABC) Generated by meters – Helps in audit purpose

Contains valuable information such as
1. Total cash available in the meter
2. Cumulative kwh
3. Authentication number can contain additional data (Fraud etc..)

Dual register : DG set charges

  • Single meter can be used for metering of MAINS and DG
  • If DG charges are fixed these can be deducted on daily basis
  • Provision for per square feet charges
  • Free DG unit
  • Optionally, the meter shall switch DG tariff register
1. It receives signal on the pulse input port (or)
2. Automatically from “signal injector”
3. The electricity meter will deduct money on DG tariff

Meter Reading Software

  • Base Computer Software (BCS)
1. Lib-Audit for data collection and viewing transaction and meter data
2. Data – Load Survey, Tamper, History
3. Provide interface with MRI
  • Hand Held Unit Software (MRI Software)
1. Meter reading
2. Tariff change (including DG price change)

Vending Software – Various MIS Reports

  • Customer Database report
  • Sales report
  • Retained Credit report
  • Refund report
  • Meter Installed report
  • Suspense Account report
  • Meter Transaction report
  • Abnormal Payment report

In Home Display Unit - Freedom

  • Extension of meter
  • Installed inside the premise to a convenient location
  • Linked with meter through a normal 4 core Telephone wire
  • To recharge meter for electricity consumer uses the same to enter vend code
  • Balance Amount will be displayed on this unit

Vending Software – Integrated with Utility’s System

The system is powered by Liberty online

  • Defining tariffs
  • User management
  • Meter asset management
  • MIS reports
  • Finance management
  • Interface with Utility system

Infrastructure set up for vending

  • Central control of the machine will be used for vending
  • A ticket printer shall print the entire set up to avoid any change of fraud
  • A PC or a Point of sales token
  • Internet Connection with IPSEC Compliance device (Firewall)

Vending Options

  • Utility Outlets
  • Point of Sales (POS) Terminal at Grocery store/PCO/etc.
  • SMS based Vending
  • Internet Vending through
    Utility website
    Bank website
  • ATM Machines

Features of Prepayment

  • On Display (CIU & Meter)
    Total cash entered / Balance amount display
    Rate data and unit cost
    Today, Last week & last month usages information
    Current load (cost/hour)
    Previous codes entered
  • Alarms and Emergency Credit
  • Friendly Credits
  • Flexible for Temporary and permanent connections
  • Supports wide variety of tariffs
    Flat tariff
    Slab tariff
    Time of use tariff
    Tariffs as per customer type
    Standing Charges
    Debt Recovery
  • Designed for separate accounting for DG and mains
    Facility of accounting the standing charges based on per sqft basis
    Same meter with full and partial back-up facility through a token

Flexible Tariff capability

In addition to the 8 ‘Step’ tariffs the meter can also store 8 defined ‘Time of Day’ (Peak-Off Peak) tariffs.
‘Time of Day’ (Peak-Off Peak) tariffs is possible due to the presence of inbuilt RTC

Load Limiting



  • Domestic Consumer
    Multistory Apartment
  • Government Connection
    Government Offices
    Government Residential houses
  • Temporary connections
  • C&I applications
    Residential Flats and apartments-Dual Register(Full/Partial backup)
    Commercial offices, building and malls(Dual Register and LTCT)
  • Colonies with single point connection-Single Register

Web based Vending System

Liberty web based vending

Advanced version of Liberty client software
Enables to access client functionality on internet any time with secured individual Login and password
Provision of Digital password facility through “VASCO DEVICE”

Advantages over Client

No software installation at user PC
Eliminates dependency on particular PC for client access
It also eliminates after sales support required for installation, connectivity problems and reinstallation of software if PC is formatted

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