Level Transmitter


Types of Level Transmitter


Capacitance Type Level Transmitter 

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (For Liquids ) 

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter  (For  Solids )

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter(Accuracy ± 1mm )

Guided Microwave Radar Level Transmitter

Non contact Microwave Radar Level Transmitter  

Side Mounted Pressure Type Level Transmitter

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter (Submersible )


Level Switches


Types of Level Switches


Cable Float Type Level Switch

Conductivity Type Level Switch

Side Mounted Magnetic Float Switch

Top Mounted Magnetic Float Switch

Vibration Fork Type For Liquid

Vibration Fork Type For Solids

Vibration Road Type For Solids

Top Mounted Magnetic Float Type

Level Switch with Maxi Five Switches,

Rotary Paddle Type(For Solids )

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